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Akuvox A05S (MD02)

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Akuvox A05S (MD02)


Product Specifications

  • Brand: Akuvox
  • Model number: A05S (MD02)
  • Color: Black
  • App controlled: Yes
  • App name: Akuvox
  • Connectivity: Power over Ethernet
  • Camera: 2Mp
  • Capacity: 20,000 face capacity & 20,000 card capacity
  • Identification: Face, RFID Card, QR code

Delivery & Installation

  • Delivery is within two business days.
  • For Installation contact customer service to book an installation appointment

Product Details

  • Visible light facial recognition.
  • Better hygiene with touchless biometric authentication, fever and mask detection.
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against photo and video attack.
  • 20,000 face capacity & 20,000 card capacity.
  • Face recognition duration less than 0.2s/user, face recognition accuracy rate greater than 99.7%.
  • Multiple verification methods including face, cards and QR codes.
  • Stand-alone operation.
  • Configuration via web browser.
  • Identification Mode: Face, RFID Card, QR code
  • Face Capacity: 20,000
  • Card Capacity: 20,000
  • Event Log: 50,000

Smart Access Control for Modern Buildings

A05 is a commercial-grade access control terminal, which offers fast, safe and convenient access control via AI-powered face recognition, mobile app, NFC, or QR codes. It is typically used in commercial and residential applications.


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