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Reolink Argus 2E (Indoor & Outdoor)

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Reolink Argus 2E (Indoor & Outdoor)


– 1080p Full HD

– Stunning Night Vision

– 2-Way Audio

– IP65 Weatherproof

Totally Wire-Free Over Wi-Fi: Runs on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery. No wiring clutters.

Put It Anywhere: Can be installed and moved anywhere within Wi-Fi range with ease.

Rechargeable Battery Powered: Can work in areas where power cable and outlet cannot reach.

Solar Powered: Connect with Reolink Solar Panel to get non-stop & free power.

1080p Full HD: Get crystal and sharp videos/images with true 1080p Full HD.

Live View Anytime Anywhere: Keep tabs on your home or business anywhere & anytime with Reolink App/Client.

PIR Motion Sensor: Smart PIR sensor detects motion and triggers alerts that really matter to you.

Real-Time Alerts: Get push notification, email, and siren alerts instantly in case of emergency.

Motion detection record: Save motion events in micro-SD card for playback.

Two-way audio: Built-in mic & speaker to listen in and talk back in real time.

IP65 certified weatherproof: Works indoors or outdoors, rain or shine.

120 wide viewing Angle: Wider field of vision to cover more, so miss less.

Low-battery notification: Informs you when battery level goes down to 10%, so you can charge it in time.

Easy security, in every way: –

Anyone can set up Argus 2E in a few minutes. Duo to the rechargeable battery and Wi-fi connectivity, it is totally wire-free. No wiring, so no cutter. Just install the mount, connect to wi-fi, and you’re good to go.

Eco-Friendly and cost-saving rechargeable battery or solar powered.

Power on the camera: Argus 2E runs on high-capacity rechargeable battery. Without power cables, it provides clean, easy, and flexible installation. You can put it anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors.

Power on and on and on: Get most of affordable and clean solar energy. Use Reolink solar panel to keep the camera battery topped up and you’ll never worry about battery changes.

Get instant & Accurate motion Alerts
You’ll be alerted the instant the PIR sensor senses movements. And by setting up motion sensitivity and PIR schedule, you can personalize the cam to catch what you really care about.

Motion snapshots sent to you when there are motion events.

Push Notifications
Alerts that matter delivered right on your phone.

Powerfully loud siren will be triggered when motion is detected.
You can also customize it with your own desired voice alert.

Live View & Two-Way Audio

See, Hear and Talk to Your World

View live feed anywhere and anytime via your phone or computer and have a full control over your home or business.

With built-in mic and speaker, you can hear and speak through the camera, communicate with your beloved ones, ward off would-be burglars, and respond immediately even when off-site.

Motion Recording

Never Miss the Key Moments

This rechargeable battery-operated security camera records and saves motion-triggered events for later playback. Access video history anytime, to find key evidence or relive happy moments with families.

Micro SD Card (Optional)
Record & save motion videos to a Micro SD card (Up to 128GB).

Stunning Time-Lapse Videos

Long-term events, like the flower blooming, sunrise, city scenes and even the construction projects, are too long to be perceived in real time. Argus 2E with time lapse is a good way to observe, record and share those events in minutes or seconds.

Control Your Cameras, Hands-Free

It can’t be easier to control a security camera that works with Google
Assistant. Just say “Hey Google, show me the backyard” and you will see
live feed from the camera on your Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-
enabled TVs. Actions speak louder than words? No, words are enough.

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