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Reolink RLC-520A (Indoor & Outdoor)

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Reolink RLC-520A (Indoor & Outdoor)


– Smart Person/Vehicle Alerts

– Power over Ethernet

– 100ft Night Vision*

– Audio Recording

Focus on True Threats

Backed by smart motion detection technology, this PoE IP camera can discern people and vehicles. Get alerts when suspicious person or car is loitering around your house or store, not when trees are swaying.

Person/Vehicle Detection Accurate Alerts No Subscription

Keep a Watchful Eye

Sharp Eyes & Ears

Boasting a high resolution of 2560×1920 with nearly 5 million pixels, RLC-520A security IP camera can capture crystal clear video with epic details. With the built-in microphone, it also picks up ambient sound for an extra layer of security.

80° viewing angle

Audio recording

On the Night Shift

With 18 infrared LEDs and advanced IR technology, it can see any movement clearly in the dark, and crime has nowhere to hide.

18 IR LEDs

100ft night vision


Use RLC-520A time-lapse Feature to capture hours, days or even weeks of activity like blossom and sunset and turn it into a short, sharable, and memorable.
RLC-520A PoE security IP camera uses a single cable to transmit both data and power. Simplified wiring means easier and clean installation. It is the best choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Plug & Play

Reliable Connection

Your World at Your Fingertips

Staying tuned with your home or business has never been easier. Watch live feed, be informed of the emergency, replay key moments – all can be done on Reolink App or Client from anywhere, anytime.

Receive Real-Time Motion Alerts

Live View Anytime

Easy Playback Replay saved videos to find key information of porch pirates, figure out where your dog went or relive happy BBQ time with families.

Motion Zone

Flexible Recording Options

You can use RLC-520A IP camera to record continuously when movement is detected or during scheduled time periods. All 3 types of videos can be saved in the micro-SD card, Reolink NVR or FTP server. Choose a way you like and enjoy customized security.

Save Videos in Micro SD Card

Supports up to 256GB micro-SD card (not included).

Work with Reolink NVR

If you want to save videos for a much longer time or have multiple cameras to operate, connecting this camera to a compatible Reolink NVR or security camera system is a better choice.

Ready for Outdoor Use

Enclosed in rigid and weatherproof casing, RLC-520A smart home surveillance camera is unfazed by any harsh weather, working perfectly both inside and outside your house.

IP66 Certified Weatherproof

Control your cameras, Hands-free.

As easy as saying “” Hey Google, show me the backyard””, you can check what is happening there on your google nest hub or Chromecast-enabled TV’s

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