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Reolink RLK8-510B4-A (Outdoor)

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Reolink RLK8-510B4-A (Outdoor)


5MP Security outdoor Camera Kit with Person/Vehicle Detection
person/Vehicle Detection

Power over Ethernet

With 8-Channel NVR

2TB HDD Built-in


24/7 Surveillance, Made Smart

Keep an eye on your home or business in a more intelligent way with this video surveillance system. Have all-day videos and only be alerted when there is person or vehicle. Never miss a true threat and never worry about unnecessary alarms.

Person or Vehicle Detection

These 4 PoE cameras stand out for their capacity to differentiate between the movement of a human being or vehicle and that of another object. You will receive motion alerts instantly when a danger happens.

Person or Vehicle Detection

Quick Search in Playback

Free to Use

More Than 5MP Super HD

With the high resolution of 2560×1920, the 5MP security cameras in the kit capture clear and sharp images. More than that, the cams shot videos at a remarkable 30 frames per second, ensuring you get buttery-smooth videos without being freezing or jerky.

Audio recording

80 viewing angles

Keep guard at night.

With 18 infrared LEDs in each camera, this system captures videos clearly in the dark within the range of up to 100ft, protecting your home and businesses with 24-hours vigilance.

18 IR LEDs

100ft night vision

Easy setup with PoE technology

This bullet security camera system features PoE (Power over Ethernet) tech, with only one cable connecting each IP camera to NVR for both power supply and video signal transmission. A real plug and play security system.

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