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Heatit Z-Relay 25A

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Heatit Z-Relay 25A


Heatit Z-Relay multipurpose relay module can be used for many different applications. The IP 55 rated casing makes it useful for any outdoor application. Can pull loads up to 16A and 25A.

The relay has three inputs: analog or digital. You can use both analog and digital inputs, or a combination.

Heatit Z-Relay is a multipurpose product and can be used for the following applications:

Boiler control

Leakage control

Temperature control

Outdoor applications

The relay has 3 analog/digital inputs and can be used with a lot of different sensors and meters such as NTC temperature sensors.


We offer two relay modules 16A or 25A for boiler control. You can control your boiler and we have included power metering, so you are able to keep control over the costs.


Heating/Cooling: –

We can control any electrical heating and cooling with the 2 x sensors. Either comfort temperature or max or min limitations.

Can be used in connection with Heatit Z-Temp sensor for optimal control.


The relay has an IP 55 casing and can be used for any thinkable application outdoors. Anything from watering in your garden, frost protection or control of any heating device.

Leakage control: –

Leakage control with solenoid, we have developed the relay module to work with our leakage sensor. You can control the solenoid, so you turn off the water supply when you are away. Automatically close the valve when there is a leak. The relay can be associated with several leakage sensor.

Features: –

Multipurpose product for any different application.

Relay 16A or 25A

3 inputs. Combinations od analog / digital inputs of your choice.

External antenna option

Can be used in connection with different NTC-sensors.



Firmware updates (OTA)

Power metering

Multilevel sensor command class

Support encryption model SO,S2 access control class, S2 Authentication class, S2 Unauthenticated class.

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