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Heatit Z-Repeater

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Heatit Z-Repeater


The Heatit Z-Repeater Dual USB 2A is a multifunctional AC Z-Wave range extender with two USB power adapters that allow you to charge two devices at the same time. Ideal for extending the Z-Wave signal to areas with blind spots – a solution for anyone experiencing poor wireless connectivity.

With the rechargeable backup batteries, the device will still be able to operate for up to 6 hours after a power failure. Important battery-operated units such as door locks, smoke detectors and burglary alarms will still work during a blackout.

Several Heatit Z-Repeater units can be added to a network to achieve comprehensive and stable network coverage. The unit is plugged directly into a wall socket and is therefore very flexible in terms of installation.

Heatit Z-Repeater dual USB 2A is compatible with Z-Wave systems from any manufacturer and may be added to any Z-Wave network. Ideal for both residential and commercial properties.


Range extender with battery backup

Maintains the Z-Wave network in case of power failure.

Dual USB power adapter/charger

Plugs directly into ordinary wall sockets.

Smart start

Rechargeable backup batteries in case of power failure

Suitable for both residential and commercial properties

Supports encryption mode S2 Unauthenticated Class

This product is a security-enabled Z-Wave Plus product with encryption. The product must be used with a security-enabled Z-Wave Controller to fully utilize the product.

Technical Data

Protocol Z-wave. 868.4 MHz

Chips Z-wave 500 chip

Rated voltage 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Output effect 20W (5V DC 2A)

Battery capacity 200mAh rechargeable batteries

Battery life maintains mesh network for up to 6 hours in case of power failure.

Ambient temperature 0  C to 45 C

Humidity Max 85% RH

Plug type F (Schuko)

Range RF Min. 40 meters

Size (LxWxH) 66x55x55 mm

Approvals Z-wave plus, CE

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