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Heatit Z-temp2 Thermostat

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Heatit Z-temp2 Thermostat


Heatit Z-Temp2 is a battery-operated thermostat designed for use with water-based heating systems. Used in combination with the Heatit Z-Water regulator you can control your heating system with a Z-Wave primary controller/gateway with the use of Heatit Z-Water in combination with one or several Heatit Z-Temp2. This is a “wire-free” solution, saving both time and money.

All communication between the Heatit Z-Temp2 and the controlled device is 100% wireless. Heatit Z-Temp2 has Smart Start. This feature allows the user to include all devices with Smart Start by scanning the QR codes on the devices. On startup all the devices will automatically be included in the gateway (requires Smart Start combability). This saves the installer a lot of work. Heatit Z-
Temp could also be used in situations where a traditional electrical thermostat is not suited. The thermostat may be combined with the Heatit Z-Relay as the actuator installed in a remote location. The Heatit Z-Temp2 is an excellent choice when restoring or remodeling existing buildings, as it is easy to install without any need for wiring. We recommend using several 230V units to strengthen the mesh network.


Z-Wave thermostat for controlling external relay.

Internal room sensor

Humidity sensor

Proximity sensor to turn on the display.

Smart Start

Automatic brightness control

Firmware updates (OTA)

Weekly program/setback via gateway

5 associations

Lock mode/child lock

Support encryption modes

This product is a security enabled Z-wave Plus product with encryption.

The product must be used with a security enabled Z-wave controller to fully utilize the product.

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