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Hubitat Elevation Hub

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Hubitat Elevation Hub


Introducing The New Hubitat Elevation, Hubitat is changing how people live with smart devices by enabling them to Elevate Their Environment. By combining the advantages of local automation processing with cloud IoT connectivity, Hubitat’s innovative Hubitat Elevation hub ensures personal data privacy and is more dependable and responsive than competitive cloud-based solutions. Hubitat Elevation is compatible with popular home automation devices, comes with a variety of built-in apps, and has an active user community to share ideas, insights, and solutions.


Resolute: Your devices work, on your terms, even when the Internet does not.

Fast: No cloud, no latency, no delay. No waiting for your device to turn on.

Private: Keep local control of your device data. Your device data is stored locally, not in the cloud.

Automate Smart Devices: You are in control; you are limited only by your imagination.

Compatible: Alexa, Google Assistant, ZigBee-Wave, Lutron, LAN, and cloud-connected devices.

Ongoing Support: Learn from and share ideas with the Hubitat Community.

Mobile Apps: Remotely control your devices, receive push notification and mobile presence.

How it works: –

  1. Register with Hubitat, connect hub to local network via Ethernet.
  2. Connect devices pair then name your devices.
  3. Automate: Create rules for the way you want them to work.
  4. Relax, enjoy the elevation of your automated home.

Remote Access: –

  1. Access your devices via customizable dashboards.
  2. Built-in to the habitat mobile App, available on Apple App store and google play store.
  3. Or via weblinks that work in any modern browser, anywhere in the world.

Local Administration: –

  1. Set up your Hub securely in the privacy of your home.
  2. Secure your hub with a local password to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. N need to give full access to your hub just to turn on a light.

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