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Aeotec Water Sensor 7 PRO

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Aeotec Water Sensor 7 PRO


Flood Sensor. Leak Sensor.

It’s the building block of life. It’s also the building block of expensive bills and costly damage when it ends up where it shouldn’t.

Leak detection.

What comes up. If it were only a leak detector, we wouldn’t call it Water Sensor 7 Pro. Monitoring more than just the presence of liquid, Water Sensor 7 Pro earns its name through its ability to also monitor the absence of water. When used to monitor tanks or pits, Water Sensor 7 Pro can alert you when water levels get too low and can also trigger automation routines.

Sensor cable measures 1.5m / 4.9ft

Leak protection.

It doesn’t just monitor for when water goes wrong. Once connected to a Z-Wave automation system, Water Sensor 7 Pro can take protective measures to help limit the amount of damage caused by drips, leaks, bursts or other water flow.

Auto-close water valves.

In the event of a pipe burst, Water Sensor 7 Pro can instruct water valves, including those installed on the mains, to automatically close.

Turn on sump pumps.

When water levels are detected to be too high or low, turn electronic pumps or sump pumps and run them for a defined period of time or till the desirable water level is reached.

Auto turn off power

Water and electricity don’t mix. In the event of a leak or flood protect your home and family by turning off connected electronics, such as those plugged into Smart Switch 7.

Quality Foundation:

Water Sensor 7 Pro’s accuracy, reliability, and compatibility begin at its
very foundation. With its leak processor sized at only 70x30mm
(2.8×1.9in), it has been built atop of Aeotec’s exclusive Gen7 technology
enabling it to be wireless installed almost anywhere in a room and to
operate for 3 years before its single, 3.6-volt battery needs changing.


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